Some photos from last years Ten Feet Away International festival held at St Johns Church, Waterloo, London

Sasha - St Petersburg Ade The Screen Ilaria Kim Installations Camera man Lunch Break Buidlding the screen Getting ready the columns The Gigant Getting ready for the unknown 6 metres tall the columns el puno Marilo Tomomi - Osaka Billy and the violin Maluko Da Beko - Cordoba Maluko Da Beko - Cordoba The chruch Musubi - Osaka Billy and Joe compering Paco Jaqui - Vision Impossible Ala - Eyes of the street Hanny and Tina Stephen the Photo Booth the Photo Booth the Photo Booth the Photo Booth the Photo Booth the Photo Booth Jazz luna Billy and Wojtek Chris Maria Jan - the Cesareans The Cesareans The Cesareans The Cesareans Installations the Photo Booth Arcadi - Put do Moi Sasha - St Petersburg Massages Creating The fire structure The Moeny Tree - Tom Coyle The fire structure Musubi - Osaka Kino copering Musubi - Osaka El Paco Maluko Da Beko - Cordoba Asylum monologues Asylum monologues Misako - Enoa ru - Japan Juggling Sebo - Fedel Nelkul Martin - London Viv Clubs Creating Lina- Phycological Arts Circus Pepe, Maluko da Beko Kalo and Antonella Andrea - Physological Arts Circus Meeting up Martin and Jan Franco - Maluko da Beko Kino Jason The cake portrait Francesca Butoh Butoh A flower Arabesque Arabesque Passing fire torches The fire performance Samurai The show

Click here to see and hear Tom Coyle on a Ten Feet Away trip to Kew Gardens. Tom (and Mitch) performed regularly at the Union Chapel Sunday platform.

Tom Coyle

Click here to listen to an interview conducted today Jo de Haan, last years festival photographer


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  1. Boy you are so self obsessed. Pictures of Billy, Billy and Billy. What am I chopped liver. I don’t know if you forget but I compared with you the 1st night, in fact no one actually remembers you doing it but do remember me. Get a picture of me you dope.

  2. Come on Joe, I am sure no one wants pictures of Joe, that’s why you are a photographer and not a model… Anyway, I’ve got your e-mail with a lot of pictures but I think you’ll need some training in blogging so I don’t have to do your tasks… I will upload the pictures whenever I can…


  3. hjkugkgklhkljgj

    Hi guys,

    The title of your festival is too posh; you’d better rename it to simply “10 feet”.


  4. Hi hjkugkgklhkljgj,
    Well you are right, this name doesn’t really reflect the nature of our project and we are talking about a new name… Ten Feet… do you think it actually means something? When I asked why they named it Ten Feet Away the answer was … Because you are never more than ten feet away from a rat!!! that really shocked me… Right now the future of this project is very unknow but if we manage to keep it alive, it defenetely needs to be rebrand if that makes sense…

    Thanks for your interest and hope to hear more from you

    All the best

  5. Tomomi

    Hi Joe. Thank you for sending me a lot of pictures. What I am like is so different from what I thought I am like through your eyes.
    Sad to see no picture of you…

  6. saveria geronimi

    beautiful pictures at the festival!thanks for sent me the portrait even if I still don’t like my head on it!!!!! it is a nice portrait.
    next time I will still your camera and take some of you !

    bye bye


  7. Ade

    Wow i didn’t realise these were up – thanks Jo and Billy. I see the only picture of me shows a fat guy with a plate in one hand and a phone in the other, which sums me up my contribution to the proceedings. Be good to have more pictures of different people, especially people building things as that was half the fun (and most of the week)